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B & E Car & Trailer

All of our instructors are DVSA approved and are on the voluntary register. We can deliver the following driver training courses to DVSA standards for practical test.

B & E Car & Trailer

Driver Training Course

We will now be offering familiarisation training and refresher training for individuals who have never towed a trailer before and would like to gain some confidence manoeuvring/reversing, uncoupling/re-coupling and on road manoeuvres before going out themselves.​

What does the course cover?

Off Road Instruction

  • Licencse and Eyesight check

  • Vehicle familiarisation

  • Vehicle safety checks

  • Paring and manoeuvring

  • Tail swing

  • Coupling and un-coupling

  • Safe loading

  • Speed limits

  • Vehicle dimensions

  • Tuition on reversing procedure

On-Road Instruction

  • Proper use of mirrors

  • Stopping distances

  • Lane discipline

  • Awareness and planning

  • Downhill/uphill gradients

  • Cambers

  • Cross winds

  • Junction types i.e. narrow, angled etc

  • Cornering

  • Town, Country, A-roads & Dual Carriageways

Skills for Logistics is a stakeholder to the National Council for Accredited Trailer Training (NCATT) which is designed to encourage sharing of information to grow and improve the B+E accreditation scheme. NCATT will consider strategic issues around good practice; participation rates; how the syllabus is being delivered and whether overall standards are being achieved; feedback from training providers and customers; communications and management information on the "success" of the scheme.

The course covers: 

1. A capability assessment
2. Theory section
3. Practical that includes reversing, coupling, driving to highway code etc
4. Post training assessment.

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