Driver Training

All of our instructors are DVSA approved and are on the voluntary register. We can deliver the following driver training courses to DVSA standards for practical test.

Significant changes in driver regulations from January 1st 1997 dictates that anyone passing their driving test after this date is unable to tow a trailer (including caravan & horsebox) without first of all passing a Category B+E trailer towing test which is carried out under similar conditions to a LGV driving test.

Drivers seeking the licence entitlement Category B+E should naturally be more experienced as they have been driving longer than a novice.


Candidates do need to remember that this is an actual test with a DVSA Examiner driving on the public roads and not simply a manoeuvring exercise in a yard. Candidates will be asked five questions, which will be a combination of 'show me' and 'tell me'. A driving fault will be recorded for each incorrect answer to a maximum of four faults. If the candidate answers all five questions incorrectly, a serious fault will be recorded.


Off-Road Instruction

  • Licencse and Eyesight check

  • Vehicle familiarisation

  • Vehicle safety checks

  • Paring and manoeuvring

  • Tail swing

  • Coupling and un-coupling

  • Safe loading

  • Speed limits

  • Vehicle dimensions

  • Tuition on reversing procedure



On-Road Instruction

  • Proper use of mirrors

  • Stopping distances

  • Lane discipline

  • Awareness and planning

  • Downhill/uphill gradients

  • Cambers

  • Cross winds

  • Junction types i.e. narrow, angled etc

  • Cornering

  • Town, Country, A-roads & Dual Carriageways

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